This is to


I hope the cycle will break… I hope the struggles will end so that your heart can heal… so that you can be happy.

This is to the abused
To the one
The curtain to this world’s evil
Was lifted too early.
They snatched your innocence
And stole your childhood.
Every Time his hands touched you
They grew mold on your future.
Your past is a burning acid
That consumes your soil
Every time you perceive
Joy on the horizon.
This is a reminder to your mind
In the midst of lies:
You can be happy.

This is to the familyless
To whom the door is always
Wide open;
Because every person
Who is supposed to love you
Never fails to leave.
This is to the guilt tripped,
The manipulated, the mocked
The looked down upon by relatives.
To whom blood means hurt
Drama and dysfunction.
This is a powerful whisper
To your heart, here to stay:
GOD can break the generational curse
Your dream of a home
Peace, unity and security
Can come true.
Since HE is the Alpha
You can be the genesis
Of a new era.
You can be happy

This is to the invisible
To the one that despises mirrors
For the reflection they give back.
To the one that feels ugly
Too big, too skinny, too tall or too small
To the one that never feels enough
You will meet eyes
Where your beauty lies
And may the first pair
To behold that be yours.
May you embark on a journey
To where you can be happy.

This is also to the one
Who never fits,
The lonely in a community,
The always left behind in class,
The misunderstood, the forgotten,
The slow to pick up the pace.
There is a place
With your name on it;
There is a room
For your fingerprint to unlock.
You can be happy.

This is to all those
Whose past is that wound
They find disgusting
But they are stuck with
And cannot leave behind.
Those whose burden
Is their background
Those who are waiting on death
To put an end on their daily misery
Those who wonder
With nobody to listen
Those who aspire to life
But they have no one
To share it with.
This is a beam of light
Into that cold and dark cave;
Here are a heart and a conviction
Pouring into this poem, to say:
« You can be happy »


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