So… you want


Struck by the paradox of your expectations. How can i meet them ?

So… you want us
To know each other in depth,
To fathom every hidden corner
And unexplored labyrinth
Of our complex selves.
To finish each other’s sentences
But still entertain mystery ?

You want me to talk with you
For hours without running out
Of topics or stories.
But also discern
At the very precise moment
When and for how long
To stay silent ?

You need me to just know,
To feel you before you confide.
But also to ask you
More details and deep questions ?

You want to be my one and only
My only community
But neither become clingy
Nor wear you out with my burdens and worries.

You want me to keep the routine
The habits, the customs
But also to surprise you,
Spice things up.
You expect from me to be at the same time
A secure same old
Constant, stable and steady.
But also a fun roller coaster
That creates a whirlwind of emotions
That keep the passion fire alive ?

Mmh !!!…


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