I fell in love


It was not a whirlwind of feelings but heaven sent me in a journey to know you and reason and heart agreed to love you…

I fell in love with you.
Not the day that we met
or the second that we talked,
neither when you first said
“I love you.”
But, I fell in love with you
slowly but peacefully.
Not knowing if it was real
or if it would last long.
So, I kept it real
with myself wondering
if GOD ever planned it
or even initiated this.

I fell in love with your kindness, your patience;
your consistency and your ability to lead.
I fell for your heart for God,
For your family and for this generation.
I fell in love with you and your intentions to serve.
Time and time again,
I fall for the family man you aspire to become.

They say falling in love is the easy part
but staying in love is the hardest one.
So, at times, I will
avow to not love you duly,
until I vow to do it wholly.

I fell in your love.


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