Of all the stories I have lived, she is the most amazing and I will live to discover the depth of the wonders she embodies…

I bet, most of you will think that this is corny but have you ever met someone for the first time and told yourself you knew them?…not like you recognize them but you knew them, knew their heart and their soul… like a beloved from another life.
No? Doesn’t ring a bell?!

Anyway, I think….
No,I know it happened to me.

I met HER. She made me feel as the endgame of the whole process of my life.
From birth to adulthood through my joys, my struggles and my pain.
As if the endgame of it all was to meet HER.

I can hear most of you thinking it’s corny,
I won’t blame you, for I used to laugh at people who would blabber this kind of malarkey.
But meeting her put some perspective in my life and what I wanted to achieve.

A single look at her, her eyes, her smile, her waist.
She made me understand that I knew nothing about beauty.
I have always been a spiritual man, but listening to her talking, her voice, her tone, the way she speaks with grace and dignity, made me definitely aware there was a divine being that created HER.

She made me renounce my selfish ways without even trying to change me.
She made me realise I was wrong about what I thought life is.
Now, I know who I am
And who I want to be because of her.

This feeling transcends love and sex.
It goes without saying I want to know her,
I want to know what makes her laugh,
I want to know what makes her cry,
I want to know what turns her on,
I want to be all she wants and all she needs
But above all that, just being near HER
I want to better my WHOLE self so I could deserve her.

I have transgressed a lot during my love life but her words made me forget about my past mistakes.
I was never sure I loved my exes
But after a day with her, I was not sure I loved ANYTHING else before her.
This isn’t a futile expression of admiration, oh please, forget that!

This is a tribute to a wonderful work of the Almighty… not that the world is not full of wonderful things but I have never seen anything come close to Her.


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