As long as we breathe and they are alive, let’s fill the depth of their hearts with nothing but love and gratitude…

I wish you to be their pride before the earth and your memory become their eternal dwelling place.

May they hear the praise of your lips before it turns into a requiem.

May they enjoy the work of your hands, the gifts of your heart and your joyful presence; for their souls will be too far on that day to enjoy the smell of your nosegay and bouquet of flowers.

I wish you to be their subject of joy, to brighten their smiles, to be the rhythm of their songs, the rhyme of their verses; for a time will come where a melody goes silent to leave just an echo behind.

May you take advantage of now and here; may you hold them tight; for your sorrow won’t warm their cold hands at the dusk of life.

May you never be the distress that takes life out of their days

May you never be the misery that fills up their hearts with regrets

For a person is a glimpse of eternity

For a person is more than a story…


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