And one day


What would your vows be as you hold the ring ready to promise and a voice whispers your eternity is limited to only few years ?

And one day they will flip
Our wedding photos
After going through my burial pictures.
Tears, smiles, sadness, regrets, laughters,
Tears again, grief never leaves.

Surely, we do not have forever,
I can only promise now, here
And until then.

I hope my kindness will sow seeds
Which you can harvest after holding
My hands for the last time.
I hope the smiles I am drawing
Will warm your precious heart
On those days when you will only see mine
On pictures or memories as you close
Your beautiful eyes.

I hope my voice and my songs
Will still ring in the souls and ears
Of my loved ones on the days
These walls only echo 
Your broken chords.
I hope they cheer you up
Recalling the cadence of our dances
Under the moon and stars
Tasting the yield of our lands.

I hope the sparkle I see on their faces
Will light a powerful fire
On those long and cold nights 
When I will no longer
Be able to hold you in my arms.
I leave it to the LORD
He will fill the gasps when my love fails
Falls short or departs too early.
He will fulfill the blessings
I whisper in my last breaths.

Forever is not ours,
I can only promise my life
Its ups and downs
Have all of it.
I can only promise now, here,
Until then, 
And the flowers that will grow
In my footsteps.


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